Police alert – don’t tweet your holiday plans to burglars

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Don’t advertise you’re going on holiday via Twitter or Facebook – that’s the advice from Herts Police who say it could act as a green light to would-be thieves.

They point out that burglars could target homes they know to be empty because they would not be disturbed, and their crimes could go unreported for days, or even weeks.

Insp Paul Lawrence, of Herts’ crime reduction unit, said: “Hertfordshire has low burglary rates, but burglars do tend to target homes that are empty and any tell-tale signs like piles of unopened letters at the front door, bins not put away or continually drawn curtains can attract their attention.

“Most of the time burglars are guessing about whether there is anyone home, but if you advertise holidays on social media sites they know for sure that your home is empty.”

Other suggestions on making your home seem occupied include asking neighbours to move your bins after collection day, parking a car in the drive, and setting lamps to turn on using a timer. The guidelines also advise hiding items of value out of sight in the loft.