Police begin crackdown on speeding in villages

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A POLICE crackdown has been launched on drivers who break the speed limit on village roads.

In Little Gaddesden, coppers last week gave five warnings and three speeding tickets to drivers breaking the limit on the village’s Nettleden Road.

Berkhamsted-based Sgt Peter Huffer said: “We did quite a bit on this last year – and we will continue our efforts in 2012.”

From July to September last year, 100 motorists were warned after being caught breaking the village speed limit.

Eleven were breaking it by more than 10mph and one was caught doing 53mph in a 30mph zone.

Motorists who live in villages surrounding Tring and on the border of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire are being targeted by a Buckinghamshire County Council campaign to make drivers slow down.

The council wants motorists to make slowing down a New Year’s resolution.

Officers from its road safety team will be working with Thames Valley Police and Community Support Officers to target speeding drivers, carry out roadside checks and give out publicity materials through the communities.