Police ‘doing all they can’ in hunt for jogger’s attacker

Little Tring Road, Tring
Little Tring Road, Tring

A police inspector has reassured the public that officers are doing all they can to find a man who attacked a female jogger earlier this week.

The incident happened at around 4pm on Monday (August 10) as the victim was running along a footpath in a field on the outskirts of Tring.

She managed to fight off her attacker and scratch his face before he ran away through a hedge towards Little Tring Road.

Neighbourhood inspector George Holland said: “Incidents of this nature are of concern, particularly to those who frequent the area where it took place.

“I can assure the public that our investigation is on-going and we are doing 
everything we can to identify the man as quickly as possible.

“Whilst these types of incidents are unusual in Tring, we will have extra patrols in place.”

After news of the attack had been posted on social media commenters expressed concern, with some saying they felt ‘scared’ to go out.

Maria Cook, chairman of Tring Running Club, said: “We love our off road running, and taking in the local countryside is one of our greatest pleasures, in groups or venturing out in ones or twos.

“I encourage all our members and other local runners to read the police advice, and as with any countryside activity, a happy balance between safety and enjoyment is key.

“I hope this very rare incident won’t stop the lady involved from enjoying her sport, and we would welcome her on our group runs any time.”

In wake of the incident, Herts Police issued this advice:

> Stick to busy areas.

> Avoid short cuts through quiet, unlit, secluded or wooded areas and alleyways.

> Try to keep with friends rather than walking or running alone.

> Do not speak to strangers.

> Stay alert.

> Do not use iPods or personal stereo headphones whilst walking or jogging because you may not be able to hear someone approaching.

> Make sure someone knows where you are going and tell them when you’ve arrived.

> If you believe someone is following you, go to the nearest busy place, such as a petrol station or shop.

> Take a mobile phone with you if you have one.

Police believe the attacker may still have injuries to his face after the victim scratched him in the struggle.

Call 101 quoting D3/15/459 if you believe you may have any information which could assist the police in their investigation.