Police visit Goldie’s home after station abuse

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DJ Goldie was forced to cough up when officers slapped him with a penalty notice for disorder.

British Transport Police went to his Bovingdon home – currently up for sale – on Saturday after reports that a worker at Hemel Hempstead train station was verbally abused.

But Goldie seemed unrepentant about the incident. In a statement issued by his agent, he said: “It was nice giving some poor police some petty cash so they can have some warm mince pies for Xmas, bless them.”

A spokesman for the force said: “On Monday, November 19, a worker at Hemel Hempstead rail station reported being verbally-abused earlier in the week. Officers spoke to a 47-year-old man in connection with the incident before issuing him with a penalty notice for disorder for a public offence.”

A penalty notice, for £50 or £80, is one way police can deal with low-level anti-social and nuisance offending.