Police warn children: keep your gadgets out of sight

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With half term approaching police are reminding children and teenagers to keep themselves safe when out and about.

Incidents of robberies can increase slightly during school holiday periods with more youngsters out and about with their gadgets.

Smart phones, iPods, MP3 players, cameras, laptops and hand-held computer consoles can be desirable items for would-be thieves.

Det Insp Paul Doran said: “With half term approaching it’s likely many young people will be out and about, socialising and catching up with friends.

“Electronic gadgets – which tend to distract users from what’s going on around them – can be very easy for thieves to spot, making the owner more of a potential robbery target when being used.

“I would therefore remind young people to be mindful when using mobile devices whilst out and about and to keep them secure or out of sight.”

Police also advise people to postmark their gadgets and other valuables with a UV pen and register them on a free property database site like www.immobilise.com.

This can act as a deterrent to thieves and increase the chances of property being recovered if it is stolen.