Police warning: Watch out for fresh scam bids

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Police are warning people to be on their guard against several different scams being operated by crooks.

There has been a rise in fraud cases in Herts where the scam artist has used an assumed identity to get personal details or cash from victims.

Chief inspector of crime reduction and community safety John Dempsey-Brench said: “Most people are very well informed about how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud – but criminals can develop or vary the scams that they try, so it is important that we all continue to regard anything that appears too good to be true, with some suspicion.”

Householders should look out for emails claiming to be from the Inland Revenue or PPI companies, phone calls from bogus companies asking for money to fix internet connection problems, calls about large cash prizes where the vicitim has to pay an administration fee, builders offering to clean gutters who then find damage to the property, unexpected emails claiming friends are in trouble overseas or messages claiming your computer has been locked by police and a fine must be paid, calls from someone claiming to be from the police investigating fraud.

Find out more under the crime prevention section at www.herts.police.uk