South West Hertfordshire MP David Gauke warns that suspension of Parliament is a “dangerous precedent”

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Boris Johnson is setting a “dangerous precedent” by prorguing Parliament, according to fellow Conservative MP David Gauke.

The South West Herts MP resigned from the cabinet when Mr Johnson became Prime Minister last month, and has made no secret of his opposition to the PM’s Brexit strategy.

Tweeting on Thursday, he wrote: “Put to one side your views of a no deal Brexit.

“Imagine that Jeremy Corbyn is PM, pursuing a policy that is unpopular in Parliament & in the country. At a crucial moment he finds a way to evade Parliamentary scrutiny for several weeks.

“This is a dangerous precedent.”

Mr Gauke has been willing to risk unpopularity over Brexit with his own party.

Earlier this summer his constituency association held a vote of no-confidence over his opposition to a No Deal Brexit.

And he has provoked anger on social media, not least by repeatedly posing with pink toy unicorns - often seen as an analogy for unreasonable demands from Brexit supporters.

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