Poll winner Ron: Calling election was costly move

A newly-elected borough councillor has criticised the decision to hold the by-election he won ahead of a countywide vote next month, which he claims has left the taxpayer out of pocket.

Adeyfield West councillor Ron Tindall said the election on March 21 could have waited until May, when voters will turn out to decide who they want to represent them on Herts County Council.

Ron Tindall, Liberal Democrat

Ron Tindall, Liberal Democrat

But he says the returning officer was forced to set an earlier date for the borough poll after it was requested by two Labour supporters.

Mr Tindall, a Liberal Democrat, said: “They could have waited until the county election – that would have saved the additional expense.”

Dacorum Borough Council says the by-election – called after the departure of Labour’s Keith White – has cost approximately £2,500.

A returning officer must hold an election within 35 working days of receiving a request signed by two electors. A council spokesman said: “We received a signed request to hold an election for the Adeyfield West seat on Friday, February 1.”

A Labour spokesman said: “To have waited would have meant that the people of Adeyfield West would have been without an elected representative for over two months.”