‘Problem parking outside of Little Gaddesden pub pushes parents with pushchairs into street’


Drivers parking on the pavement outside of a village pub are forcing parents with prams to walk in the street, say the leaders of Little Gaddesden Parish Council.

The problem arises when the small car park of the popular Bridgewater Arms in Nettleden Road becomes full.

Council chairman Douglas Adams said: “Folks are parking on the pavement, because the road is fairly thin going through the village. Then we have a subsequent issue of mums and dads with pushchairs struggling to get along the pavement. Do we want pushchairs going on the road? No. Do we still want people coming to the pub and enjoying Little Gaddesden’s surroundings? Yes.”

People who park on Nettleden Road without pulling up onto the pavement make it difficult for buses and lorries to get past, he added.

One Bridgewater Arms worker said that other village locations suffered from similar problems, but refused to comment further.

Mr Adams said: “I don’t know if there is a simple solution yet. Car parking is a problem everywhere.”

Drinkers say the issue has driven pub staff to phone the police in the past. But there are no restrictions to stop people from parking where they like in the area outside of the Bridgewater Arms.

Brewers Greene King says the pub’s staff discourage customers from parking on the pavement and encourage them all to park considerately. Spokesman Amy Bendall said: “We do not own any of the surrounding land and therefore unfortunately are unable to expand the car park.”