Proposal for £20k offering in return for building New Mill homes ‘verges on the insulting’

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A £20,000 community offering in return for being allowed to build six houses in the place of a social facility ‘verges on the insulting’, protestors say.

They said it would not be enough to replace New Mill Social Centre and could end up funding facilities elsewhere in Tring. Tim Amsden said this would ‘verge on the insulting’.

He said: “It would see the demolition of the existing centre, and the money spent on facilities that would not be in New Mill.”

He spoke out at a meeting of Tring Town Council on Monday, which heard that the area had already lost its corner-shop and butcher’s.

Councillor Dawn Rance said: “Everything has gone from New Mill and it should be about what we can put back into New Mill, not about what we can put into other facilities.”

Councillor Barry Batchelor said a more appropriate pay-out would be ‘northwards of £60,000’. Otherwise, he said: “New Mill is going to be subsumed into the metropolis of Tring, and I think the people who live there are very proud of their village.”

New Mill Social Centre was closed in 2012 after Tring Team Parish – which owns the site – sought permission for new homes to be built there.

Councillor Nick Hollinghurst said: “When looked at in terms of the likely benefit to the developer, £20,000 is pretty small. It is really not large enough to do anything useful for the community of New Mill.”

If the homes are built, one will house Tring School’s chaplain.