‘Prove there’s demand for a day care centre’

Ted Dyer
Ted Dyer

A CONCERNED pensioner is trying to find out how many old people need day care in a town that has no centre to provide it.

The last facility of its kind in Berkhamsted was shut by Herts County Council in 2008.

The Manor Street centre looked after 40 people, said Ted Dyer, 69, of Woodlands Avenue, Berkhamsted.

Herts County Council spokesmen now say that people who need the service should travel to centres in Hemel Hempstead or Tring.

But Mr Dyer, who leads the Conservation Area Residents’ Association of Berkhamsted (CARAB), says only 15 people use those services.

He said: “I believe more would use it if they were aware of how they became involved – or if the facility existed in their own town.

“Not only does it provide a service for people who need to have some social activity outside of their home, but it also gives respite for a few hours to carers who otherwise may be somewhat constrained by having to look after an elderly relative with health problems.

“It gives the opportunity for carers to talk to others who are in the same boat.”

But the county council says the demand is simply not there in Berkhamsted.

If you would like to see a new day care centre in Berkhamsted, phone Ted on 01442 872 684.

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