‘Reformed’ killer needs help to get life in order

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A DAD who was jailed for manslaughter in 2004 and returned to prison earlier this year for threatening his partner says there is no help on offer to get his life back on track.

Dad Lee Thomas, 40, claims to be a changed person after being released just six weeks ago but he says he needs help to get back on his feet.

“Do I pay for my crime for the rest of my life? I thought that was the point of going to prison. You do your time and you come out of prison a different person,” he said.

Lee, who spent five months behind bars after threatening the mother of his two-year-old son, blames his past behaviour on alcohol. He said: “I started drinking too much and got a bit nasty.”

The dad, who has spent time living rough in the past, was also sentenced to four years behind bars in 2007 following the death of Jason Wornham. The 37-year-old died in hospital months after he was punched by Lee and hit his head on the floor during a row in Hemel Hempstead’s town centre.

He said: “I’m the loveliest person in the world at the moment according to everyone. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I keep fit.

“I think I am a better person. I don’t do any of the stuff that I used to do. I have seen the damage it has done to my life.”

Since being released from prison, Lee, who has lived in Hemel Hempstead since he was eight, has been staying at a night shelter in St Albans but there is a limit on how long people can spend there.

“I can’t get a job until I have got somewhere to live,” he said. “I can’t get somewhere to live until I get some money to pay for it.”

Dacorum Borough Council spokesman Claire McKnight said: “We cannot comment on individual cases but we are working with Mr Thomas on his housing circumstances.”