Revealed: what we really want to keep under wraps

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A new survey has revealed that nearly 87 per cent of Brits have secretly hidden stuff in their wardrobes.

And 52 per cent of us are hiding a dark secret that’s so shocking we wouldn’t even tell our best friend.

Women have the most to hide with 63 per cent saying they’re keeping something from their other half – compared to just 39 per cent of men).

The most common cover-up is over infidelity. Two thirds (68 per cent) of those who said they had kissed someone else while in a relationship/married said that had never admitted their wrong doings to anyone else.

The research also found that secret shopping was a frequent cover up, with 62 per cent of us saying we often tell fibs about what we’ve bought and how much we’ve spent.

Another common “white lie” was not admitting to being responsible for pranging the car. Men were the worst culprits with around half (51 per cent) fibbing about bumps and bangs, compared to just 31 per cent of women.

Other cheeky cover-ups identified included our weight. Fat might be thought of as a feminist issue but it’s a sensitive one too, with a whopping 43 per cent of all those questioned telling white lies about what they weigh.

Jon Gough of, the fitted furniture firm which commissioned the survey, said: “We knew that infidelity would feature quite highly on the most common things we won’t ever admit to, but what’s more surprising is how many of us are keeping relatively trivial things from our nearest and dearest.

“For us it was also interesting to find out the secrets lurking inside people’s wardrobes and that this was the most common place for people to stash something they didn’t want others to find.”