Rogue trader alert! Police warn of cowboy gardening company scam

Cowboy traders
Cowboy traders

Police and Trading Standards are warning those in Dacorum to steer clear of a rogue gardening company operating in the borough.

A company going by the name of Green Thumb Gardening Services has been dropping cards through doors over the last few weeks and then carrying out terrible work.

The business based in Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead, using a 01442 telephone number, but its address is a false one and all payment has been made in cash.

The fraudulent firm is not to be confused with Green Thumb Lawn Services, which is a reputable nationwide company.

A community notice sent out through Herts Police’s OWL messaging service said: “We are asking you not to contact these people and to look out for any family, friends or neighbours who may be having gardening work done or even just thinking about it, to check that they are alright and most importantly are not dealing with this trader.

“If no paperwork is given upfront when the contract is agreed, criminal offences are being committed and it is highly likely that the trader is not reputable.

“Please report your concerns to the police on 101 or to Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice and Conciliation Service on 03454 040506.”

Officers also want to hear from those who have fallen victim to Green Thumb Gardening Services that the incidents can be investigated further. Again, call 101 or email