Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley is closing: Former student praises his time at the school

Rudolf Steiner School ENGPNL00320130312133708
Rudolf Steiner School ENGPNL00320130312133708

A former RSSKL student told the Gazette of his sadness at the school’s fate.

Tome Morrissy-Swan, who works as a journalist for the Daily Telegraph, was at the school until 2011. His mother also works at the school, although she was already due to retire at the end of the current school year.

He said: “What I liked most at the school, particularly when I was younger, was that I wasn’t force-fed academic subjects from a young age. I didn’t have to learn at four or five, it was an environment which allowed everyone to flourish in their own way.

“I’d learned to read before I went to school, but I imagine that other students would have liked that experience to play a lot more. It’s strange to see a school that you love going through so many problems.

“There needs to be a place for this sort of education for people who want it.”

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