Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley is closing: Parent speaks of “betrayal” and “unanswered questions”

Rudolf Steiner School ENGPNL00320130312133708
Rudolf Steiner School ENGPNL00320130312133708

One parent of a present RSSKL student, who asked not to be named, said there were many unanswered questions which had left her furious.

She told the Gazette: “Why were parents not warned at an earlier stage about the potential insurance problem? This would have been especially important for all those who are now in the middle of their GCSE or A levels!

“Why were parents discouraged from discussing the issue of law firms being employed by the school? And why were parents told that the school’s leadership was prepared for a tribunal when they did not have the resources to pay for it?

“I feel betrayed and I am afraid that the school was NOT open and honest with parents. The school was only as transparent as they needed be in order to get what they wanted. To ask parents for £750,000, and at the same time discourage them from asking certain questions indicates the lack of willingness for accountability.”

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