Sarratt post-medieval silver thimble find is a real treasure


A lucky treasure hunter struck silver when metal detecting near Sarratt in June, an inquest heard today.

At the hearing Herts coroner Edward Thomas recorded the remarkable find, of parts of two mid-16th or 17th century thimbles, as treasure.

The precious pieces weigh 4.4 grams, with a maximum height of 30mm and width of 22.2mm. The pieces are just 0.4mm thick, and feature cherub and fleur-de-lys designs.

Though the find is badly damaged – in all probability due to ploughing in the area – the fragments retain nail damage which is likely to have been caused during the period it was used, in either the late Elizabethan or early Stuart era.

According to Mr Thomas, similar discoveries have been unearthed in Herts and Warwickshire in the past.

Now that the small horde has been classified as treasure, it will be valued by the British Museum and a local heritage attraction has expressed interest in acquiring it.