Schools news round up (including a visit to the zoo for Longdean)

Longdean School students paid a visit to Whipsnade Zoo. PNL-140731-120019001
Longdean School students paid a visit to Whipsnade Zoo. PNL-140731-120019001

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This year Whipsnade Zoo hosted Year 9 students from Longdean School for an enjoyable day and to reap the benefits of learning outside the classroom.

Longdean School students paid a visit to Whipsnade Zoo. PNL-140731-120029001

Longdean School students paid a visit to Whipsnade Zoo. PNL-140731-120029001

A total of 138 students and 14 members of staff went to the zoo. This trip covered aspects of current GCSE courses studied by the students in science and religious studies.

The students used the day to learn about adaptations of different organisms in their habitats and additionally, to enhance their understanding of the role of the modern zoo.

They visited the enclosures and studied the organisms to learn about their behaviours and observed their features.

Students had the opportunity to interview the zoo keepers to learn more about conservation, preservation and stewardship.

Besides having glorious weather to contend with and a variety of the most interesting animals to study, Longdean students left the zoo with a wealth of knowledge that can be used to support their studies for their GCSEs.

Keeping in the theme of organisms, Longdean were fortunate enough to invite ‘Jungle Jo’ into Longdean for the fifth consecutive year.

The event was held over two days for our Year 7 students to learn more about classification, organisms and their adaptive features and to even provide students with a hands on approach to learning.

Students were thoroughly engaged throughout their sessions seeing a range of organisms from the animal kingdom including, an African land snail, stick insects, tarantulas, millipedes and the rather calm reptile Rosie – the snake.

In these sessions, students covered the classification system from annelids to vertebrates. We all eagerly await ‘Jungle Jo’s’ return visit next year.

Getting ready to go out into the big wide world

The Hemel Hempstead School recently ran post sixth form preparation days for Year 12.

Over two days, students had the opportunity to learn about the university application process, gap year opportunities, the relevance of social media in their career search and information about working in Herts.

Guest speakers from a wide selection of industries were also invited into school to give an insight into various careers and the pathways available. The civil service, hospitality, graphic design and marketing were among those represented.

Annemarie Noakes from Premier Inn said: “It was nice to reach out to young people and open their eyes to jobs in the hospitality industry,”

Tom Randall, a former HHS student and member of the School Alumni, said: “I volunteered to be a part of the careers day to share with the students my personal experiences, path and the decisions I took, from being a student to where I am now (enterprise sales for a global technology company); I know how invaluable advice, when making these decisions, can be. It was also a great opportunity for me to be able to give back to the school.”

Poetry by Brockswood children to be published.

Brockswood School is absolutely delighted to announce that four children will have their work published in a Monster Poetry- Revolting Rhymes book after winning a national Young Writers’ Monster Poetry Writing competition.

The winners are ; Aarush for Monstertopia, Paige for The Monster in Me, Maisie for Are Monsters Really That Bad? and Maddison for BFO’s Touguey Twister

It was an opportunity that the literacy leader Mrs Halai thought would allow the gifted and talented children from the school to shine, and they did not disappoint.

One of the children, Aarush when asked to comment on his success said: “I did not think I could write poetry well - but my teacher believed in me. So I believed I could do it - and I did.”

Well done, Brockswood.

Sixth former Erik is an inspiration

Inspirational Erik, a sixth form student at John F Kennedy School, is an active volunteer who has been working over the past year to bridge the gap between teenagers and the elderly.

Bridging the Gap is a programme run by YOPEY ( the Young Person of the Year awards) whereby sixth form volunteers are trained and then use their skills to befriend elderly people in retirement homes, particularly those suffering from dementia.

Erik was highlighted by the home for his outstanding work with one of the elderly residents; his visits were much welcomed, and of particular note was the maturity he showed in the last days of his elderly person’s life.

Erik has come away from the experience with new life skills, gaining patience, awareness and putting the needs of others before his own. His faith is an important factor in Erik’s philosophy towards people and plays a significant role in his life’s decisions. Being part of the YOPEY programme, Erik felt, was a rewarding opportunity. He found that the elderly have many entertaining stories and excellent insights of wisdom to share. It also made him think of his own family, especially his grandfather, whom he says, ‘was an inspiration’ to him.

In the coming autumn term Erik will be a mentor for the new cohort of sixth form students and aims to encourage his fellow students to embrace the YOPEY programme and hopefully gain from it in the way that he has.

In recognition of his outstanding work, on July 16 Erik was presented with a YOPEY Silver Award for Volunteering by Commodore Tim Hennessey RN DL Deputy Lieutenant of Hertfordshire.

Wellbeing week recognises hard work of ‘good’ school

To celebrate a range of achievements and to recognise the hard work that has gone into Lime Walk School’s continued journey to being a ‘good’ school, the children, staff and parents took part in a wellbeing week.

Children were given the opportunity to participate in a range of activities to enrich their experiences and allow them to have some end of term fun.

One of the events held was a picnic with our parents event on the school playing field. Headteacher at the Bennetts End school Rob Hutchings said: “We were delighted to see over 80 parents attending the summer picnic.”