Scrap yard gives motorists a chance to donate to worthy causes

Scrap car charity scheme at Elliott Auto, Berkhamsted.
Scrap car charity scheme at Elliott Auto, Berkhamsted.

Motorists scrapping their cars can donate a portion of the cash they get for it to a good cause.

Those that scrap their vehicles with Berkhamsted-based Elliott Auto will be able to chose to support one of three charities - the Hospice of St Francis, Hector’s House in Tring and Chesham’s Restore Hope.

The firm’s Charity Car Scrappage Scheme gives customers the choice to donate a percentage to charity when filling out their online valuation form.

Under the scheme some drivers have already donated 50 per cent of their vehicle’s scrappage value.

The team at Elliott Auto are hoping to raise more than £5,00 over the coming year.

Director Charles Elliott said: “To help us to reach our target by December 2015, we have decided to give 10 per cent on top of any donations made through our online valuation form.

“These local charities need all our help, they are all very good causes that may affect all of us and our families at some point.”

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