Screening team’s success pushes it to go even further

West Herts Bowel Cancer Screening Team
West Herts Bowel Cancer Screening Team

INSTEAD of allowing them to rest on their laurels, the success of a cancer screening programme has prompted the team behind it to go even further.

The West Hertfordshire Bowel Cancer Screening centre at Hemel Hempstead Hospital has performed more than 1,000 screening tests since it opened three years ago.

In that time it has detected 103 cases of cancer.

But the success is driving the team, some of whom are pictured left, to urge people aged 60 to 74, who should all receive home test kits in the post, to use them and send them back.

Dr Alastair King, consultant gastroenterologist at the centre, said: “The screening team at West Herts would like more people to take up the offer of screening so that more lives can be saved.”