‘Shabby former bank could make a museum’

A former bank in Hemel Hempstead old town has been highlighted as needing attention in the wake of council enforcement action to revamp a nearby shop.

Sylvia Fitzwilliam worked at the NatWest branch – built in 1902 – in the 1980s but she says it has been neglected in recent years.

Sylvia, who leads the local history group for the University of the Third Age, said: “The paint is badly peeling. It’s got a small bay window with curtains that have not seen water or detergent for many years.

“I keep looking at this bank and thinking: ‘Could it make a small museum?’”

Sylvia was prompted to speak out after reading in last week’s Gazette about enforcement action by Dacorum Borough Council to get the Model Centre Too premises in the High Street spruced up.