‘She’s priceless to me’: Can you help Mel find her missing parrot for £100 reward?

Missing parrot
Missing parrot

The owner of an African grey parrot is offering a £100 reward to anyone who finds her missing pet.

Melanie Holmes says her ‘beloved pet’ Vinnie went missing yesterday as she tried to transfer her bird into an outdoor cage.

She said: “I do this every day, so she can enjoy the sun. A noise spooked her and she took flight. It’s difficult to put a price on a reward as she’s priceless to me!

“I can manage to offer £100 for anyone who finds her. I will try and offer more if I can. I’m heartbroken.

“Even if you hear any unusual bird calls or whistling it’s really helpful. If you see her she can be coaxed with the words nuts, tomato, grapes or her name.”

Melanie says her pet was last seen in Icknield Way, Tring, near Dundale Woods.

Melanie added: “She’s known to people locally as we take her out on her parrot harness.”

Vinnie has now been found and is in the middle of a magnificent ‘welcome home’ nut feast