Shop worker says Silk Mill area in Tring is still teenage trouble spot

4/5/10'Co-operative store at Silk Mill, Tring.
4/5/10'Co-operative store at Silk Mill, Tring.

A FOOD store worker says the behaviour of youths who hang around the area has not improved, despite two being handed Anti-Social Behaviour Agreements.

An employee at The Co-operative in Silk Mill Way in Tring, who did not want to be named, said teenagers are still causing trouble. She said: “We get bad teenage behaviour, shoplifting and trying to buy alcohol underage.

“Teenagers argue with you when you ask them for ID. The abuse and the words they use are not very nice. It is uncomfortable for customers.”

She appealed for police to put on more regular patrols in the area

“They should come up here every hour, especially across the weekend,” she said.

Two 14-year-old boys were given Anti-Social Behaviour Agreements on February 24, after intimidating customers at Paco takeaway and The Co-operative.

Tring Sergeant Adele Hopkin said: “There has been an improvement in the area since those were put in place.”

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