Showgirls all set to compete in the Olympic-inspired fete

wilstone village showgirls
wilstone village showgirls

THE showgirls have been rehearsing for weeks to take part in their village fete and dog show, which this year has been given an Olympics theme.

The group of women, aged from their 40s to their 60s, will entertain crowds at the Wilstone Alternative Olympics on Sunday, June 10.

The showgirls, who formed in 2007 to perform the can can at that year’s fete, will compete for the disco dancing trophy.

The event, at The Village Hall, will open at 12.30pm with a torch parade through the village before being officially opened by Queen Jane of Wilstonia.

Children have the opportunity to win medals in a slow-motion bike race and a decorated trike competition, there will be sumu wrestling and archery and a variety of dogs taking part in the dog show.

Organiser, Jill Walker, said: “We’ve had great fun with the ‘Alternative Olympics’ theme, and everyone has the chance of a medal here.”