‘Sick’ thieves steal wreath from grandfather’s graveside

Douglas Hart
Douglas Hart

A granddaughter has hit out at ‘sick’ thieves who stole a flower wreath from her grandfather’s grave just hours after he was buried.

Abi Joyce, 28, laid her grandad Douglas Hart to rest in a service at Woodwells Cemetery in Hemel Hempstead yesterday morning (Tuesday).

The wreath stolen from the grave of Douglas Hart in Woodwells Cemetery, Hemel Hempstead

The wreath stolen from the grave of Douglas Hart in Woodwells Cemetery, Hemel Hempstead

But when she went to visit his grave earlier today, she discovered the personalised ‘Grandad’ wreath she and her siblings had laid for him was gone.

Abi, who lives in Chaulden with husband Gary, said: “These people are sick in the head.

“My poor grandad never hurt a fly in his life. He would welcome anyone with open arms. He didn’t deserve this.

“Those flowers were the last gifthis grandchildren ever gave him and now they’re gone. We don’t understand why someone would do this.”

Douglas and Joyce Hart

Douglas and Joyce Hart

Mr Hart, who was born and raised in Potten End, died of a heart attack at the age of 84 and was laid to rest in the same grave as his late wife Joyce.

Abi chose the flowers with her sister Debbie and brothers Richard and Robin, as a way of saying goodbye to their beloved grandfather.

The distinctive wreath was made from yellow flowers and had red, yellow and black ribbon in tribute to Mr Hart’s life-long support of Watford FC.

Abi, who runs the Top Banana Party Shop on The Heights in Hemel Hempstead, said: “They’re not small flowers, so someone must have seen someone with them.

“They would have had to break them up to put them in their car.”

The family believe the flowers were taken some time between the service ending at 11.45am yesterday, and 4pm when Abi says the cemetery worker noticed they had gone missing.

Abi’s mother Felicity is currently under going chemotherapy treatment for cancer and is said to be ‘gutted’ by the news.

Abi said: “When I realised they had gone I called my mum straight away. She’s poorly at the moment and she just cried. She’s gutted. We all are.”

After posting an appeal on the Hemel Hempstead Community & Conversation Facebook page, Abi received supportive comments branding the thieves as ‘scum’ and lowlifes’.

The family have reported the theft to the police and are offering a reward for information on the wreath’s whereabouts.If you can help, call the news desk on 01296 619762 or email becca.choules@jpress.co.uk