Sid smiles for Wigginton drivers who obey the speed limit

Meet Aldbury and Wigginton police community support officer Lorraine Horsted.

In our video she’s out on a speeding patrol in Chesham Road, Wigginton, warning drivers in yesterday’s evening rush hour not to break the 30mph limit.

She’s with a speed indication device – known affectionately as Sid by the police.

‘Sid’ flashes a smile at all drivers who stay within 30mph and tells them what speed they are driving at.

But he shows a sad face to drivers who are above it, and tells them how much they are breaking the limit by.

Drivers who fall foul of Sid’s speed checks will not get a fine, but police believe she speed checks educate drivers to modify their behaviour.

Lorraine said: “They definitely slow down even if they are not speeding.”