Sienna gets out and about on trike

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Little Sienna Hollick could not wait to try out the tricycle Santa brought her for Christmas thanks to the generous donations of Gazette readers.

The people of Dacorum dug deep after her parents Becky and David Hollick put out an appeal for help to buy their six-year-old daughter a specially adapted tricycle, costing £2,078.

Mum Becky said: “She is absolutely in love with her trike.

“When she saw it her little face just lit up. I’m sure she understood – she had a little grin on her face.”

The youngster, who has been left disabled by severe epilepsy, has been out on the tricycle every day since Christmas.

“If someone has donated and sees us out and about please stop us so we can say thank you in person,” said Becky. “It would be lovely to meet the people that have been so generous. A massive thank you to everyone who helped. It has put a smile on Sienna’s face.”