Sister paper takes up call

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THE campaign to stamp out fuel price disparity has been taken up by the Gazette’s sister paper the Bucks Herald.

The Herald, based in Aylesbury, has already seen growing support from readers and councillors, and a petition has been launched to help take the issue further.

Much of the blame for the difference in fuel prices in one area compared to another was laid on Tesco in a letter to the newspaper from one councillor.

It suggested that the supermarket giant held a monopoly on fuel prices in the town due to a lack of other supermarket chains, and it could therefore set the tone for the town with the prices it wanted to charge.

As part of the wider picture, a report has recently been published by campaign group FairFuelUK which suggests a cut in fuel duty by 2.5p would be beneficial to the economy.

The report undertaken by the Centre for Economic and Business Research suggests that a cut would create 180,000 new jobs in the first year, increase GDP by 0.33 per cent and not cost the Treasury any net loss.