Sling squad step out in Berkhamsted to spread the word about babywearing

Berkhamsted slingathon.
Berkhamsted slingathon.

Parents strapped on their babies and headed out for a walking slingathon.

The walk through Berkhamsted was to promote the benefits of using baby carriers rather than prams.

It was organised by Chloe Chiles from Embracing the Tree, a babywearing, baby art and yoga business that offers a baby sling loan service.

It was part of a national slingathon to celebrate International Babywearing Week and to raise awareness of carrying little ones in a baby carrier and the benefits that come with that, from practical to emotional.

Chloe said: “There are growing resources – for example sling libraries, sling meets and sling consultants – for parents to help them find a carrier and ensure that they can use this great parenting tool safely and confidently.”

Mums and dads met outside Carmenta Life in Church Lane, which offers services for pregnancy, parents and babies, before heading off on their walk.

Chloe said: “Hopefully through demonstrating our carriers as we walked along the High Street we were able to spread the word a little more.”