Snake bite girl asked dad: ‘Will I die?’

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A FATHER has told how his nine-year-old daughter asked if she was going to die after being bitten by a poisonous snake.

Tylar Butcher gave a scream of pain after the adder bit her during a walk in the New Forest in Hampshire on Good Friday.

The youngster’s leg swelled up and turned black and she was rushed into intensive care where she was later given anti-venom medication.

Kenny, a 45-year-old purchasing manager for a construction firm, said: “My daughter let out a scream. I looked down and saw the snake slithering away into the undergrowth. All she said was: ‘Am I going to die?’ When you hear your daughter say that with a look of panic on her face, it’s heart-rending.”

The family, of Meadowbrook in Tring, were visiting friends and Tylar was wearing flip flops when they decided to stroll through some woods.

After Tylar was bitten, Kenny contacted his cousin in Tring, who happens to keep reptiles, who told them to get to hospital immediately.

Kenny picked his daughter up and carried her around half-a-mile to an information centre where an ambulance later arrived.

Tylar spent the weekend in a Southampton hospital and was allowed home on Monday, but she will be away from Grove Road School for at least two weeks.

According to the NHS there are around 100 reports of adder bites a year in the UK but the last fatality occurred in 1975. There have been 14 reported deaths since records began in 1876.