Speaker’s Corner: ‘They’re running scared of us because we’re real’

Howard Koch
Howard Koch

Why are the three failed main parties (liblabcon) so afraid of UKIP?

Is it because we are real people from the real world, and not career politicians? Is it because we are straight talking, and not afraid to debate the real issues of the country that the liblabcon run away from? I think it is a mixture of all these and more.

Anyone who saw Nigel debating with Clegg will have heard just how wrong the expert political commentators predicted, at the end of the debate, who had won. They said it was ‘too close to call’. They seemed more interested in the fact that Nigel worked up a bit of a sweat. As anyone who has ever grafted knows, when you graft you sweat. It’s a sign of hard work, and in Nigel’s case, the passion he feels for what he believes in. In contrast Clegg just stood there with his hand in his pocket. Nigel won a land slide victory.

UKIP is connecting with people across the entire political spectrum. When we are on the streets of Hemel Hempstead, we are hearing more and more that people have had enough of the liblabcon, ‘they are all the same, the only party which dares to be different is UKIP, you have my vote’.

The liblabcon has tried to rubbish us, each attempt has failed, we just end up with more members and more votes, as the great British public smell a rat.

The latest smear is that ‘UKIP are just amateurs’. Really!? Let us look at the Old Town High Street road works. Look at the unmitigated disaster that Hertfordshire County Council has been responsible for. Only rank amateurs would have allowed this to happen.

No proper contract, materials ordered that did not arrive in time, no proper planning. If it was their own personal money I bet that they would have behaved differently.

I would like to know who was responsible for the project management. The disaster has caused many businesses to seriously suffer financially, and has required a major PR damage limitation exercise by Herts CC.

Where are the elected representatives? Why did they allow this mess to develop. I am sure that Jacksons will be suing Herts CC, and it will be us that foot the bill. A year to do what any other G8 country would have had done in a few months at most, it’s a disgrace.

What is worrying us even more is that Herts CC is going to be starting on the Marlowes next. Yet another unmitigated disaster in the making!

In current parliamentary conservative strongholds, they are bullying through house building on an unprecedented scale. UKIP believes that we do need affordable housing, but it should not be built on green belt or brown field sites. The former should be protected, and the latter is for factories. There are plenty of existing sites which can be sympathetically and tastefully redeveloped to provide the required numbers of houses.

Let me be quite clear, if a Tory MP is elected next year and there is a majority of Tories re-elected on to Dacorum Council next year, LA3 and the turning of the hospital into 8,000 homes, will be going ahead, there is nothing you can do to stop it. UKIP is totally opposed to these developments. In fact UKIP Hertfordshire is in the process of developing a county-wide policy to protect the green belt.

So the political fight has started to see me elected next year as your Hemel MP. We will also be contesting every ward seat in 2015 , so everyone will have a UKIP candidate to vote for. Change can happen, but you have to vote for it!