Squirrel famous for being bald dies at St Tiggywinkles

Baldy the squirrel
Baldy the squirrel

A squirrel famously dubbed ‘Baldy’ due to a complete lack of fur actually had skin cancer and has died.

The squirrel was taken on by St Tiggywinkles’ Wildlife Hospital in Haddenham after being found roaming around in Dunstable in November last year.

‘Baldy’, as the squirrel became known following a number of sightings, was eventually captured for its own safety by the RSPCA and given to the care of Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue before going to St Tiggys where it died this week.

In a statement on its website the Beds Wildlife Rescue confirmed the squirrel was actually suffering from skin cancer.

“St Tiggywinkles took the squirrel in for us and have been amazingly kind and helpful,” the statement said.

“They carried out tests to see if her baldness could be cured, but very sadly the tests showed skin cancer. I have today been advised that the little squirrel has passed away.”