Stray dog numbers are on the increase

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THE number of stray dogs in the borough is already up on the entire number collected across Dacorum last year.

176 stray dogs have been collected by the dog warden at Dacorum Borough Council over the last 10 months, compared with a total of 171 dogs that entered the pounds for the whole 12 months of 2010.

More drastically, 21 dogs have been put to sleep this year, due to their temperament, in comparison with just six in 2010.

The comparison of figures very much support the warden’s fears that the numbers of dumped pets are soaring to the highest figures she has even seen.

Dog warden Sarah Lewis said: “We are still concerned that owners are handing their dogs to us as strays because they do not want them any more, for whatever reason.

“It is the owner’s responsibility to rehome an unwanted dog. We unable to take in unwanted dogs and we cannot guarantee that they will not be put to sleep.”

In 2010, 52 stray dogs went to rehoming centres, and so far this year 47 have already gone to animal rescue centres.

It is thought this increase could be due to people buying dogs as status symbols rather than pets for life.

Local rescue centres and their numbers are Appledown Rescue on 01525 220383, Chiltern Dog Rescue on 01296 623885 and the National Animal Welfare Trust on 0208 950 0177.