Street lights black out expected to continue for rest of week

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ENGINEERS are still working with manufacturers to fix the problem of street lights turning off earlier than planned.

On Monday and Tuesday evening lamposts, which have been converted to the part-time lighting scheme, went off at around 7pm.

The lights should not switch off until midnight under the cost-cutting initiative.

A spokesman for Herts County Council said: “Based on our current best information, it appears that lights converted to the part-night lighting are experiencing a single night of non-operation, and the lights which were off on Monday night operated as normal on Tuesday night.

“The problem has now been attributed to the component, a photocell, which has been installed on each converted light. Our engineers are working with the component manufacturer to identify the specific fault and to rectify the problem.

“From current information, it seems that each part-night converted light will have one night of non-operation and after that the lights will operate as normal. Therefore we anticipate that further streets will be affected for the remainder of the week. The impact or distribution of the fault each evening is random.”