‘Suckers tweeter no longer works for us’ says Hemel Hempstead firm


A recruitment worker suspended from her job after boasting on Twitter that she could stop people’s benefits no longer works for the company.

Kelly-Jane Stone, who worked as a senior resourcer for Hemel Hempstead firm Transline Group, which recruits staff for Amazon, gleefully posted on Twitter: “In my new job, if people from the JC [job centre] don’t turn up for an appointment with me, I stop their benefits for 13 weeks.....suckers.”

A spokesman for Transline said: ““We were unable to conclude our investigations because Kelly-Jane Stone did not return to work and as such she is no longer in the employ of Transline Group.”

Kelly-Jane faced an angry backlash after her comments under the username @DietQueen.

She also posted: ““I get so much pleasure knowing what I can do if the [sic] mess me around. I’m going to be shot for it one day I bet!”

After the controversy Ms Stone suspended her Twitter account and LinkedIn profile.

In response to her comments one Twitter user said: “The whole irony about her threatening to stop people’s benefits is that she could be soon joining them.”

Another said: “A salient lesson in how your own misuse of the internet can destroy your life within a few seconds.”

Only the Department for Work and Pensions has the power to remove the benefits its administers.