Supermarket pickpockets target the elderly

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Pickpockets have stolen up to £750 from shoppers in supermarket car parks in a string of recent attacks.

The crooks tell elderly victims they have dropped £10 and pinch their bank card while helping put it in their purse, or use a map to distract them during the theft.

In one case, a woman in her 80s lost £299 after being pick-pocketed outside Waitrose in Berkhamsted on Thursday, October 25.

Scott Whitlock said: “We believe the offenders may obtain the victim’s pin number whilst they are in store and then follow them into the car park. In one case £750 was removed from the victim’s account before she realised her card had been stolen.”

If you believe you know who is responsible, witnessed one of the incidents or have been a victim yourself, phone police on 101.