Teenager found guilty of helping boyfriend sell drugs ... online

Amber Blamey and Jamil Rashid
Amber Blamey and Jamil Rashid

Amber Blamey has been found guilty of supplying Class C controlled drugs via a website which distributed orders from their Hemel Hempstead hub – an operation described as ‘staggering’ by detective.

Blamey, 19, of Wood End Lane, Hemel Hempstead, was found guilty of supplying Class C controlled drugs at St Albans Crown Court. Her partner Jamil Rashid, 31, of Bradley Road, Luton, had also previously pleaded guilty to the same charges.

The couple were supplying various controlled drugs, which they sold through a website, distributing the orders from an address in Hemel.

Their operation started to unravel in December 2012 when Rashid was stopped in his Nissan GTR sports car by police for speeding on Washington Drive in the town. During a search of his vehicle officers found a sealed blister pack of tablets in the pocket of the driver’s door and he was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled drug.

Police intelligence linked Rashid with an address in Saturn Way, Hemel, which was searched but nothing was found. However, further investigations uncovered that a room in the building was being rented by Rashid, under a false name and that parcels were regularly being delivered there.

Links to another address at Wood Lane End were established and this was also searched where it was discovered that one room was set up as a steroids/drugs factory, which was filled with unidentified drugs.

Numerous items were seized by the officers during the search including phones, computers, packaging, various documentation and the drugs suspected to be illegal. The majority of the drugs were packaged ready to be sold, in pots, blister packs and boxes.

While it is not illegal to be in possession of certain Class C steroids, it is an offence to supply or to be in possession with intent to supply these controlled drugs.

Detective Sergeant Laurie Rush from the Hemel Hempstead Local Crime Unit said: “The scale of this operation was quite staggering and the sheer number and range of drugs we discovered made the investigation very difficult and meant we needed to call in a specialist to identify them all.

“Many of the drugs are marketed as ‘diet pills’ but can be potentially extremely harmful as they are not licensed for general use.

“I’d like to thank the Sunday Telegraph who have helped us during the course of this investigation and lead us to some important evidence regarding how the supply chain worked. We are very pleased that we have managed to disrupt the supply of these potentially lethal drugs and taken them off the streets.”

Blamey has been bailed until July 22 when she will be sentenced. Rashid has pleaded guilty to the charge, but will face a trial before a judge on a related matter on September 12.