The fowl aftermath of feeding in Gardens

People feeding ducks in Hemel Hempstead's Water Gardens.
People feeding ducks in Hemel Hempstead's Water Gardens.

Feeding the geese and ducks in Hemel Hempstead’s Water Gardens does more harm than good, according to Dacorum Borough Council.

A warning about the dangers of offering bread to the birds at the landmark and other waterfowl areas in the borough appears in the latest issue of the council’s seasonal newsletter Dacorum Digest.

Feeding swans, ducks and Canada geese can, according to the advice, spread disease among the birds, give them poor nutrition and cause them to behave aggressively towards people.

The combination of rotting bread and extra bird mess, caused by overcrowding in areas where food is regularly distributed, also leads to a build-up of algae in the water.

This in turn causes unpleasant smells and harm to the fish. Any leftover bread on the ground is also a green light for foxes and rats.

Visit or call 01442 228000 and ask for Clean, Safe and Green for more information.