The future starts here - Tring starts to plan for next 20 years

Planning and development
Planning and development

Town leaders are drawing up a plan on how to improve life in Tring during the course of the next 20 years.

Tring Town Council has been consulting with the area’s clubs and societies on what should go into the document.

Clerk Michael Corry said early plans include looking at how to reduce congestion in Tring, improve its parking and transport, and promote tourism in the town.

Other recommendations made at a recent meeting include improving Tring School’s swimming pool, which is also used by the public, developing the town’s business community and ‘enhancing the street environment’.

Mr Corry said: “There was also a strong desire to have the market back in the town centre.”

He said the town council will now seek to ‘refine the ideas, make sure they do not have unforeseen consequences and that they can get funding’.

The town council will also consult with organisations like the police, health providers, Dacorum Borough Council and Herts County Council.

The general public will be consulted on the specifics of the 20-year plan after they are drawn up. If enough people demand changes at that stage, Mr Corry says they will be implemented.

The final 20-year plan will be unveiled at Tring’s annual town meeting on April 14 next year.

Mr Corry said: “We do not want a glossy brochure at the end of it that just sits on a shelf.

“We feel it’s overdue and the time is right to put forward priorities for the community.

“You could sit back and drift along quite merrily, but it’s much better to have an idea of where you are going, is it not?”