The little bit of Tring in Leibovitz’s album

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A WORLD-renowned photographer’s visit to Tring has inspired pieces in her latest collection.

A photograph of a pigeon skeleton studied by Charles Darwin taken in the Natural History Museum at Tring is one of the 64 images in Annie Leibovitz’s exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Called Pilgrimage, the exhibition, on until May, features subjects that have shaped the view of her cultural heritage.

Her research took her the homes of icons including Thomas Jefferson and Elvis Presley to take photographs of things she felt moved by.

She visited Tring in 2010 to see the research collection by the museum’s bird group.

Curator Joanne Cooper said: “After visiting Darwin’s home in Kent, Annie wanted to see more of the specimens that had been so important to his work.

“It was fascinating to help her work with them, telling her the stories behind them and how they had helped in Darwin’s research, and then to see how she approached photographing them.”