The Proposers always get the right answer

The Proposers - Daisy Amodio (in blue) and Tiffany Wright.
The Proposers - Daisy Amodio (in blue) and Tiffany Wright.

Two pals who were desperate for their boyfriends to propose have made a business out of popping the question.

Former John F Kennedy student Daisy Amodio and friend Tiffany Wright are the brains behind The Proposers.

They came up with the idea after coming across a man in London’s Hyde Park who was spelling out his proposal with tea lights. They helped him get it right, hid behind a tree to take pictures and were later guests at the wedding.

Since launching the business in April last year the pair have organised around 30 proposals and, so far, every lady has said yes.

“It has been pretty full on,” said Daisy, from Woodhall Farm, Hemel Hempstead.

“There are so many guys out there that don’t have a creative bone in their body but want to do something different, and there are some guys that just don’t have the time to organise it.

“It is not just for people that have money, we have had painters, builders and we have had stock traders.”

The cheapest proposal the duo have organised cost £300, while the most expensive was £10,000, which involved a trip to New York.

Daisy’s favourite so far involved an art gallery, with canvas displays that related to the couple’s lives. “It was completely intimate,” said Daisy, 31, who is now engaged, while former journalist Tiffany tied the knot last year. “Everybody says to you: ‘Let me see the ring and how did he do it?’,” said Daisy, who previously worked in advertising. “My friend got engaged in a car park and she is so embarrassed when telling the story.

“I think there are two types of women. There are women like me that have thought about that moment all their lives, and there are women that don’t care.”

The Proposers can also arrange special dates and getaways and for ladies wanting to nudge their man in the right direction there’s the hint hint service. Visit