The quiet councillor who worked tirelessly for his community

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Tributes have been paid to an inspirational former county, district and town councillor who ‘worked tirelessly behind the scenes’ for the good of his community.

Ken Coleman was Herts County Councillor for Berkhamsted from 1997 until 2009 as well as a Dacorum Borough Councillor in the 1970s and 1980s up until 2003.

He was also a Berkhamsted Town Councillor until 2009, as well as chairman of Potten End Parish Council, and a member of the local health Trust.

Since retiring, he had moved to Dorset with his wife.

Ian Reay who took over as county councillor in 2009, said it was in fact Mr Coleman who inspired him to become a councillor in the first place.

“He was very quiet and reserved but you always got the impression that everything was under control,” Dr Reay said.

“He was very calm and he did a lot – but didn’t like to shout about it.”

A man of few words, Mr Coleman concentrated on action to help his constituents.

In his personal life, he designed and even helped to build his own home.

He was an engineer by trade so had no problem installing a central heating system.

And when there was a problem with the computer at home, he would simply whip out the soldering iron and fix the circuit boards himself.

He enjoyed looking after his teenage grandchildren; and being an Open University tutor.

Berkhamsted Town Councillors, who all stood in silence at last week’s meeting, described Mr Coleman as ‘a man of principle’.

He once bought a field close to his home to stop development where he thought it inappropriate.

A spokesman for the town council said: “The local community was well-served by Mr Coleman, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes for its good.”