‘There’s ways to avoid mail parking misery’

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Post chiefs have highlighted other ways customers can collect their undelivered post without visiting its busy delivery office following complaints about the centre’s lack of car parking.

Herts county councillor Ron Tindall, who represents Hemel Hemsptead’s St Pauls ward, has written to Royal Mail managers at the Maxted Road super centre, saying a lack of available parking for visitors and buses serving the area make it difficult to pick-up letters and packages.

“I am particularly concerned with the getting into the car park and then finding somewhere to park,” he said. “It is atrocious. I have had personal experience of it. I have the feeling that staff use the visitor car parking spaces – they always seem to be full.”

Mr Tindall wants the spaces to be monitored and a one-way system introduced to help motorists navigate the tight car park. He also suggests that a town centre pick-up point would help those relying on buses to get about.

The state-of-the-art delivery office replaced the town’s Park Lane mail depot under centralisation moves in 2011 that brought in sorting work for Watford, Stevenage and Hemel Hempstead.

Royal Mail spokesman Valerie Antoine said: “There are several alternative ways in which customers can receive undelivered items apart from travelling to the delivery office, including a free redelivery to the same address on a different day, to a nearby address within the same postcode area, re-delivery to a neighbour, delivery to a local Post Office or by making a request online via www.royalmail.com/redelivery.”

The enquiry office in Maxted Road is open from 7am to 7pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 7am to 8pm on Wednesday and 7am to 2pm on Saturday.