Time is running out to have your say in boundary commission consultation

Current division boundaries in Herts
Current division boundaries in Herts

There is less than a month left to submit your views in a public consultation on the re-drawing of electoral division boundaries in Herts.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is reminding people living in the county that time is running out to take part in the consultation and ensure your thoughts are heard on where new boundaries should be drawn for the county’s 77 political spaces.

The reason behind the changes lies in the range of electorate sizes across Hertfordshire, with a huge disparity between the Hatfield North division, which currently represents around 17,000 voters, and Bridgewater which represents just 8,600 constituents. The Commission says it is minded, however, to keep the number of county councillors at 77.

For Bridgewater county councillor David Lloyd’s view on the plans, click here.

Click here to view the current county division map and add your views to the consultation. Comments can be made until June 23 before the Commission publishes its draft recommendations in September. Final recommendations are expected in February next year.