Townsend-gate: New street is not named after me, says councillor

Christopher Townsend
Christopher Townsend

A politician says he is ‘slightly amused’ that people could think a new street is named after him.

The firm behind plans for 54 new homes in New Lodge, Berkhamsted, gave three suggestions for what a road through the development could be called.

Berkhamsted Town Council rejected them all and instead suggested Townsend Gate – derived from the 17th and 18th century use of the site by the owners of Townsend Farm.

The idea, originally suggested by the Berkhamsted Local History and Museum Society, has now been submitted to the developer.

Councillor Garrick Stevens has warned that some people may think the street is named after Tring’s Councillor Christopher Townsend, who represents the town on Dacorum Borough Council.

But Mr Townsend said: “I am slightly amused that they may have thought that - most people would probably not think it’s named after me.

“I think it’s important to just concentrate on what you can do for local people in local politics, rather than what you name something.”