‘Cut High Street speed to 20mph’

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The mayor of Tring has called for a 20mph speed limit to be imposed throughout the town’s High Street.

Nick Hollinghurst, also a Herts county councillor for the area, wants the zone to stretch from the Robin Hood pub to the Miswell Lane junction with Western Road.

And it should also go along Frogmore Street to the top of the hill on Dundale Road and along Akeman Street to the Natural History Museum.

Mr Hollinghurst said: “This will give a calmer atmosphere to the shopping areas and will give people more confidence in crossing the road to use shops and facilities.

“Experience elsewhere shows this tends to increase the attractiveness of an area and trade goes up as a result.”

He added that it would make roads safer – especially Frogmore Street.

Tring Town Council now intends to incorporate the 20mph zone into a plan for the area’s development.

The lower limit has received the backing of the Tring and Berkhamsted Cycling Campaign, which previously campaigned for a 20mph zone in Berkhamsted High Street.

The lower limit was introduced in parts of that road after hundreds of people signed a petition supporting it.

Cycling campaign spokesman Anne Nobbs said a 20mph zone in Tring would reduce pollution levels and encourage more people to walk and cycle.

She said: “I think it would make the roads feel a little safer for the people using them, and people’s sense of well-being would be greater as well.

“It makes the whole built environment more pleasant if the traffic is moving more slowly.”

Liberal Democrat county councillors have signed a petition, calling for a review of 20mph speed limits in Herts.

The council’s overview and scrutiny committee will now explore their proposals.

Mr Hollinghurst said: “Now we have a chance for Herts County Council to address this issue and limit speeds in areas where vehicle speeds of 30mph are causing hazards to other road users and pedestrians.”