‘Death trap needs a mini roundabout’

Junction of London Road and Durrants Hill Road in Apsley.
Junction of London Road and Durrants Hill Road in Apsley.

PEOPLE are calling for action over a junction in Apsley described as a ‘potential death trap’.

Residents say there have been countless accidents where Durrants Hill Road meets London Road – and a mini roundabout is needed.

Roger Puddifoot, of Lawn Lane, Hemel Hempstead, said: “This is potentially a death trap. People try to walk across the road and a car comes whizzing round.

“There are a lot of elderly people in the area who try and get across the road. It needs a mini roundabout.”

Christopher Ward, of London Road, said: “On average we get a couple of crashes a week here. This junction is very dangerous.”

He said the single carriageway bridge on Durrants Hill Road caused tailbacks to London Road, exacerbating problems at the junction.

“The lights on the bridge are a fiasco,” he said. “Traffic backs up and people block the bridge.”

Herts County Council ruled out a mini roundabout but said resurfacing work was scheduled for June in the area.

“This will take in part of Durrants Hill Road and includes repainting the road and painting a coloured road surface treatment to mitigate the causes of the incidents,” said spokesman David Henning.

“What they found is deterioration in the road surface had been causing quite a lot of incidents in the past, which has led to this being put in place.”

Concerning calls for a mini roundabout he said: “They don’t see it to be at that stage yet.”

Last year London Road was officially designated one of three air pollution hotspots in the borough.

Research shows the road breaches government standards for levels of nitrogen dioxide, a toxic gas produced by vehicle engines.