Electric car charge point fails to spark any interest

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AN electric car charging point opened to much fanfare on the Maylands Business Park last August has not been used once.

The charging post, costing £7,000, was installed as part of efforts to encourage more people to switch to electric cars.

There are plans for a further five charging points in the borough, which will ultimately be part of a network of around 1,000 across the East of England, but so far there are just four in Herts and 30 across the region.

The network is run by Evalu8 Transport Solutions, owned by the University of Herts, who paid for the point at the Maylands Business Centre in partnership with Herts County Council.

Keith Bevis, managing director of Evalu8 Transport Solutions, said: “The government expects tens of thousands of plug-in vehicles on the roads in the UK by 2015 and it is important the infrastructure is set up in preparation. Electric car charging points, such as the ones newly installed in Maylands Business Park may not currently be in use, but are ready. As individuals and companies increase their usage of electric cars, being able to charge whilst out on business trips will become part of many people’s expectations.”