‘Eyes in the sky’ will be fitted at radar site

8/7/2011'Radar mast in Shantock Lane, Bovingdon.
8/7/2011'Radar mast in Shantock Lane, Bovingdon.

A SERIES of ‘security incidents’ have been used to justify installing CCTV at a controversial radar station in Bovingdon.

Hundreds of nails have been thrown onto the site, a lock was filled with ‘silicone substance’ while the entrance in Long Lane has been blocked by fly-tipped rubbish and a mound of concrete.

Details of the four incidents emerged at a meeting of Dacorum Borough Council’s development control committee, where air traffic control body NATS was seeking permission to install seven security cameras, some on posts up to 14 metres high.

The radar dome, constructed last year, has provoked fury from neighbours and Bovingdon Parish Council.

Debbie Turton, whose home backs onto the site, told councillors: “The so-called four security incidents are a red herring.

“If fly-tipping can cause this amount of security concerns for NATS what will happen if there’s any sort of terrorist attack on the site? What sort of security measures would residents have to endure?”

Resident Don Casey said: “Without a doubt there is no way they will be able to mask and stop them coming into our gardens.”

Councillor Colette Wyatt-Lowe said: “I would hate to have to live with that thing at the bottom of my garden and I have a lot of sympathy with the local residents.

“You have something with the capability of intruding into your home. I would want to know why those cameras are so high.”

A report said the cameras will be ‘masked’ from looking into gardens or homes using computer technology.

Planning officer Philip Stanley said: “Security is something NATS do on all their sites.

“The heights chosen, the location, will all have been specifically formulated to deal with the risks.

“There is a slight advantage to privacy from a higher camera.”

The committee voted by nine to two to agree the plans.