Fire closes town’s train station

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A TRAIN driver has been treated for smoke inhalation after a fire at Berkhamsted Train Station.

Firefighters and paramedics rushed to the Lower Kings Road fire after it broke out at about 10am on Monday.

Network Rail closed all railway lines going through Berkhamsted straight away - but had reopened two of them by 10.20am, after firefighters said it was safe to do so.

The driver of the freight train where the fire broke out was treated for smoke inhalation, but not taken to hospital.

A crew from Hemel Hempstead Fire Station put the blaze out by 10.30am.

Watch commander Sean Good said: “It was a fire below the drivers engine compartment within the electrical equipment.

“When we got there it was smouldering rather than well alight, but the carriage was smoke-loggged. The damage was minor, but the train won’t be going anywhere at any time soon.”

The third of the four railway lines that run through Berkhamsted was reopened at 11.25am, but the fourth remains closed.

The line will stay closed until a rescue train arrives to pull away the train where the fire broke out.

But Network Rail spokesman Keith Lumley said: “The effect on train services should not be too bad.”